7 Tips and Considerations for Eating One Meal a Day


tips for one meal a dayBecause the observe of consuming one meal a day has grown in recognition, the questions have poured in. Foremost amongst them is a few variation of probably the most fundamental: Is consuming one meal a day a good suggestion? Is it protected? Is it sensible? Must you do it? And on, and on.

I’m not right here to inform you whether or not it’s best to or shouldn’t eat one meal a day. That’s a choice so that you can make. What I can do is, if it’s one thing you’re leaning towards, provide you with some issues to contemplate earlier than making an attempt and a few ideas for optimizing it.

In spite of everything, one meal a day is comparatively novel. Six to eight small meals a day is extremely novel within the human expertise, don’t get me incorrect, and I’d by no means advise one thing like that. However, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are comparatively well-preserved throughout the spectrum of human traditions. Most populations eat a minimum of twice a day. Though particular person exceptions exist, few if any populations eat one meal a day in perpetuity.

So, what are some issues to contemplate?

Don’t anticipate or not it’s optimum for mass achieve.

Whenever you’re making an attempt to realize muscle mass, it is advisable to eat. It’s worthwhile to eat extra meals than you’re used to consuming. Energy in must exceed energy out. Funnily sufficient, it’s throughout a section of desired mass achieve that calorie counting actually begins to matter. Specializing in the standard of the meals you eat is nice for inadvertent calorie discount and weight reduction; emphasizing the amount whereas sustaining the standard is normally required for desired weight achieve.

It’s actually laborious to eat sufficient meals in a single meal to realize weight. Lose fats whereas sustaining muscle, maybe even making neuromuscular or efficiency-based energy beneficial properties? Certain. However only a few get big consuming OMAD.

If that’s your objective, OMAD day-after-day may not be the most suitable choice.

Give attention to protein.

Protein is probably the most important nutrient, biologically-speaking. We are able to’t make it ourselves. We are able to solely eat it or pull it from current tissues. For the sake of your well being, your bodily perform, and your aesthetics, it’s best to do the previous and keep away from the latter.

Protein can be extremely filling. Your protein consumption may not make the lower consuming one meal a day. You would possibly eat too little.

Plus, latest evidence means that to maximise muscle achieve, spreading your protein consumption throughout 4 meals a day with round 0.Four g protein per kg of body weight per meal is the perfect or “optimum” technique. That’s principally primarily based on research in “regular” individuals, not “weirdos” consuming grass-fed meat or going keto or (gasp) consuming a single meal a day. I think there’s some degree of adaptation in us “weirdos” that improves our skill to make the most of all of the protein.

On paper, there’s quite a bit using in opposition to you getting sufficient protein.

In actuality, you’ll take in all of the protein you eat, even when it’s a ton in a single sitting. The actual trick is ensuring you eat sufficient—that may be laborious.

Don’t do it day-after-day.

That is my common recommendation to everybody who desires to eat one meal a day. Doing it each single day is difficult. It makes it robust to hit your required protein. It makes it laborious to get sufficient energy. It may put on in your social relationships. It may be annoying in your physique.

However for those who do OMAD two or three days every week, out of the blue the stress turns into hormetic. As an alternative of being one thing that wears on you, it’s one thing that forces an adaptation. Instantly you’re biking energy—excessive sooner or later, low the following—and life tends to work higher when it cycles backwards and forwards.

Do it on relaxation days.

Exercise days? Possibly eat extra ceaselessly. Possibly do a shorter consuming window with two or three meals shoved in there. You’re demanding quite a bit out of your physique, and one meal merely might not lower it.

However relaxation days? OMAD to your coronary heart’s content material. The break from digestion and nutrient infusions will really assist your physique get better from the coaching. In truth, OMAD on relaxation days, and two to 3 MAD on coaching days may be the absolute best approach of doing it.

Take some electrolytes within the morning.

Why? Similar to fasting and going keto or very low-carb for the primary time, OMAD places a greater demand on your electrolytes. It lowers insulin, which depletes sodium after which potassium and magnesium. An enormous glass of glowing mineral water with loads of contemporary lime or lemon juice and a spoonful of salt and perhaps a scoop of magnesium powder ought to do the trick. Gerolsteiner is probably the most mineral-rich of the readily-available waters (and it’s scrumptious). That’s my go-to for days once I’ll be fasting or getting again into keto after a day off, and OMAD operates alongside comparable strains.

It doesn’t include sufficient energy to nullify the OMAD, and it’ll hold you energized and your shops topped up.  You’ve additionally bought Robb Wolf’s electrolyte mix for those who don’t wish to combine your personal. He all the time does his homework.

Watch out for those who’re a girl.

It’s only a actuality that girls—on the whole—are extra susceptible to caloric insufficiency. For the reasoning and mechanisms, learn this put up on women and fasting (OMAD is mainly a each day quick). Some individuals would possibly take offense at that, nevertheless it’s the reality and I care about all my readers. I need you all to succeed. I don’t need you to strive one thing that not solely doesn’t work, but in addition really harms you.

I’ve seen OMAD work for women, however I’ve seen it fail greater than not. What appeared to work was not doing it each day (see earlier part), not going too low-carb, and ensuring to eat sufficient meals.

Simply watch out and don’t ignore warning signs.

Relax on the espresso.

Espresso generally is a lifesaver on OMAD. You rise up and, as an alternative of gorging down breakfast, drink a cup of espresso. This upregulates your fat-burning and retains you going ’til your single meal. Hundreds of individuals in all probability couldn’t handle intermittent fasting with out espresso, and the identical goes for OMAD. Properly, perhaps they might, nevertheless it definitely makes it simpler. That’s laborious to argue with—and I gained’t strive. I’m an enormous fan of coffee when I fast.

Nevertheless, espresso additionally has the potential to spike cortisol and exacerbate stress. It may make the OMAD work higher within the brief time period however worse in the long run.

Don’t do the “drink-coffee-when-you’re-bored-and-thinking-of-food” factor. Don’t drink it all through the day. If, by the point dinner rolls round, you’ve had a dozen cups of espresso, you’re doing it incorrect. Are these final eight cups actually serving to your productiveness and vitality ranges? I doubt it.

Wait a pair hours to drink espresso within the morning (for those who can). There’s a pure cortisol spike upon waking, and consuming espresso on the similar time it’s spiking naturally will elevate cortisol even additional and shortchange the increase you get. Higher to attend til 9 a.m. or so.

Drink green tea or matcha or take L-theanine together with your espresso. The L-theanine (current in inexperienced tea and matcha) synergizes with the caffeine, limiting the cortisol response, decreasing jitters, and enhancing the increase to cognition.

OMAD has the potential to essentially assist lots of people get a deal with on their consuming. However there’s additionally the possibility for it go actually, actually incorrect. I hope these seven objects assist nudge you in the proper path.

When you have any additional enter or questions, let me know down beneath. How do you do OMAD? What ideas do you’ve gotten for others who wish to strive? What do you want you knew if you began?

Thanks for studying, everybody.


Owen GN, Parnell H, De bruin EA, Rycroft JA. The combined effects of L-theanine and caffeine on cognitive performance and mood. Nutr Neurosci. 2008;11(4):193-8.

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